Hello. We are Interesting Development. We used to be Office of Baby. But we also used to be just Nathan and Paul and a wobbly IKEA table in the back of MPC.

A lot has changed since we collaborated with Linnmon on a complicated drawing of Queens for StreetEasy, and a reimagined insurance card for Zocdoc. We met clients like:

We welcomed Tamera Geddes from Wieden + Kennedy, Tom Haslow from The Drums and Droga5, Mai and Phillip, Johan, Prit and Kelsey and many others. We started to build our own brands like: (we’re not allowed to show you yet, but here’s a hint.)

Until one day, we were sitting in a less wobbly table in an office nicer than anything we could have imagined, when we had the sad but also triumphant realization that Office of Baby wasn’t Office of Baby anymore.

Interes ting
Develop ment

Interesting Development is a new agency made to create and cultivate the world’s most interesting brands. We find what is interesting about your company and apply it to everything you do. When companies are true to themselves it makes for more engaged audiences, stronger businesses, and a more interesting world.

Email us us or drop by our office in a strange part of the city.